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The advent of many instant chats had led to the demand for GIFs and animated PNGs. Users access these files to express their emotions amidst the chat environment. There are unique ways to convert GIFs to animated PNGs precisely. In the digital space, there are surplus applications are available to perform this conversion process without compromising with the quality factors.

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In this article, a detailed discussion on the GIFs and the animated PNGs are available for better understanding. It is the process of working with images and implementing some actions with the pictures that makes it appear interesting. Most GIFs and animated PNGs are used for fun and it helps to excite your friends amidst serious chats. It serves as the source of conveying thoughts with fun-filled visuals. Before choosing between the GIFs and APNGs, analyze which file format offers you surplus advantages for optimal handling. Here, in the below discussion you will study the features of this file format and the precise methods to switch between these two files efficiently.

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02 GIF vs animated PNG, which is better?

03 Can PNG be animated like GIF?

04 How to Convert GIF to animated PNG?

Part 1What is GIF & What is animated PNG

The GIFs are animated images and the picture moves in a sequence in a cycle. The movement repeats without stopping. This type of picture is popular on the webpages and the built-in templates are available in the digital space for quick downloads. The single-frame GIFs take more time to download and displays exciting moves that trigger laughter with audiences. GIF takes the abbreviation of Graphics Interchange Format. It came into existence in the year 1980s and is widely used globally. GIFs are animated images in a basic format. It adopts the safe LZW algorithm that tracks the colors optimally.

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The superior form of the motion picture is animated PNGs. It stands for Portable Network Graphics. This format supports indexed color, grayscale, and true color images. Additionally, the animated PNGs has advantages like alpha channels, cross-platform gamma corrections and two-dimensional interlacing. APNG came into existence in the year 1995 and is compatible with a few web browsers.

Part 2GIF vs animated PNG, which is better?

When compared to GIFs and APNG, APNG seems to be technically strong with a wide range of supporting features. The quality of the file of APNG is good as it displays 24-bit images and 8- bit transparency. The APNG images can be compressed to the smallest value thereby encouraging the ease of transfer between devices. APNG has access to many color combinations whereas GIFs can use up to 256 colors. The new web browser versions are compatible with APNGs and the older browsers play the GIFs precisely. To view the APNG files in the older browsers you require external plugins or extensions. The higher quality APNGs are mostly used by professionals when compared to GIFs. The portability in moving the animated images is simple with APNGs. The GIF files have a poor compression rate and it is difficult to transfer at the digital space.

Part 3Can PNG be animated like GIF?

You can animate the PNG files like GIF using reliable tools in the online space. There are unique programs to establish this process. It works on every detail on the PNG files and adds transition effects to the images to implement the movements. If you take closer looks at the digital space, you will acquire sophisticated programs to add transitions to the static pictures. While animating the PNG files, you must include frames, durations, and transition effects to the PNG images to include the animations. Based on the settings, the animated PNG file functions. Every move of the images is assigned by the attributes set by the users with the help of powerful applications in the digital space. You can also find online tools to assist in this operation. The static PNG files get desired moves by animating like GIF files. The APNG has superior quality when compared to GIF files. As discussed above many professionals opt for APNG files than GIFs.

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Part 4How to Convert GIF to animated PNG?

In this section, you will learn how to convert GIF to animated PNG using online tools. Use the recommended online platform to carry out the quality conversions to acquire desired outcomes.


It is an exclusive online space that brings quality animations to GIF files acquiring the properties of APNG. By converting the GIFs to APNG, you can enhance various features like easy storage, best compression, quality elements in the file. When you step into this website, you can perform a wide range of conversion processes between animated and static image files. Choose the right tabs on the menu to trigger the desired changes to the uploaded files.

Choose GIF to APNG tab at the top menu to begin this conversion process. The GIF files will receive all the good functionalities of APNG after this conversion process. You can download the animated PNGs to any platform after a successful conversion.

Follow the below steps to proceed with GIF to animated PNGs using the EZGIF online tool.

Step 1

Go to the website and upload the GIF file by tapping the ‘Choose File’ button. The maximum file size is 50MB that ensures a flawless upload process. Here, you can either choose a file from a local drive or paste the URL from an online source into this webpage flawlessly. Then, click the Upload button to trigger this GIF to the APNG conversion process.

Step 2

Format the output and click the convert button to download the animated PNG files.

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It is a simple and yet effective one that helps to convert the GIFs to animated PNGs in no time. You can also use the edit tools to make changes to the GIF files before the conversion process. The converted files are available for downloads at your local system drive. Access them when required and upload them to the desired platform to make fun with your friends and family members.

2. Free convert

In this section, you will be learning how to use the Free convert webpage to carry out the GIF to the animated PNG conversion process. It is a user-friendly interface where the controls are explicit to make the perfect click appropriately. This website provides a secure platform to carry out the conversion process optimally. The uploaded files are deleted automatically after 2 hours. You can expect a quality conversion process to take place on this website.

The stepwise process to convert GIF to animated PNG using the Freeconvert website.

Step 1

Upload the Gif files by tapping the 'Choose GIF files' button. This platform supports GIF file sizes up to 1GB.

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Step 2

Hit the Convert to APNG button to trigger the conversion process and download the APNG file to desired storage space precisely.

Tips for GIF to Animated PNG (6)

Surf the above steps to carry out a precise conversion process between GIF and animated PNG. After this format conversion process, you can enjoy all the benefits of APNG overcoming the constraints with the GIF files.

These are the two efficient ways of converting the GIF files to APNG format using online web pages. You can choose any one of the websites to carry out the desired APNG conversion process optimally.

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Thus, this article had given valuable insights on the conversion of GIF to animated PNG files. The enlightening discussion about the GIFs and APNGs assists you to choose the best one from these two options. You must be clear about the differences between these formats and select the ones that meet your needs appropriately. Connect with the above-discussed web pages to carry out the conversion effortlessly with a few clicks. Stay connected with this article to discover the new horizons of animated clippings that excite you during online communications.

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