This is the 10.1 Survival Hunter Build! - Season 2 Tier sets (2023)


Are you a fan of World of Warcraft and looking to take your gameplay to the next level? Then you won't want to miss this exciting new video showcasing the 10.1 Survival Hunter build!

As the second season of WoW's latest expansion gets underway, players are clamoring for the best strategies and gear to give them an edge in battle. And with the 10.1 Survival Hunter build, you'll have everything you need to dominate the competition.

This new build includes a range of powerful skills and abilities that will make you an unstoppable force on the battlefield. From lightning-fast attacks to devastating traps and bombs, the Survival Hunter is a force to be reckoned with.

And with the new season 2 tier sets, you'll be even more formidable than ever before. These new sets of armor and weapons offer unparalleled bonuses and benefits, giving you an edge over even the toughest opponents.

But don't just take our word for it - check out this incredible video showcasing the 10.1 Survival Hunter build in action! With stunning visuals and expert commentary, you'll get an inside look at how this build can take your gameplay to the next level.

So if you're ready to become a true WoW champion, don't hesitate - watch this video today and discover the power of the 10.1 Survival Hunter build!

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Hello, my fellow goblins today I, want to bring you into what 10.1 could be.

I was looking around on dressbar, seeing what the PVP spec was for survival because I like to change it up, I like to see what people are doing and then I like to change up what I'm doing and I found that uh, the second leader in a Solo Shuffle Dylan, was using something different and I was kind of confused right and I was like.

Why would he do this? So I want to take you through what uh they chose and I'll show it on my screen here soon and we're gonna see if it could possibly be the next 10.1 build all right.

I have my Goblin here, because goblins number one everybody knows this uh there's, there's 20 000 goblins in AWC AWC was uh, wasn't as bad as I thought.

It was thought of those thought it was gonna, be so I'm, uh, pleasantly supplied surprised, but we're gonna look at what this spec is now we're looking through here and pretty much everything in the hundred points is the same right recently.

We learned that the Arctic Bola doesn't break CC anymore, so having explosion, shot and uh the poison injection with surface thing, pretty good right.

We lose steel trap, that's fine, because I do believe I'm, not sure it hasn't been uh proven at least I.

Don't think that we're gonna get a PVP talent that has a sticky tar that um, also disarms and two or more melee are on you and Ross is going to be inside the 100 Point talents, so that is just speculation.

I think the Ross might actually have been proven, but I'm not sure.

Now on to the survival points challenge, Dylan I was looking around and I'm like what is going on.

So he took things like intense Focus frenzy strikes, Butchery Fury, the eagle and I'm like what is going on.

Why would someone take these in 10.0.7 because there's nothing, that's really changed other than we got our mongoose bite.

Uh nerfed um coming up this Tuesday by 10, which I don't know why it's not like.

We were up top I, don't even think we're up top on PVE, maybe single Target, but anyways.

Let me go through.

What's going on here, so we're looking at the 10.1, let me get back up to survival.

The 10.1 set bonuses coming up in World of Warcraft survival, two-set bonus, Wildfire bomb is increased by 10 and throwing a wildfire bomb increases.

The damage of your next kill command by 50 4 set bonus.

Every 25 Focus you spend reduces the cooldown of wildfire Bomb by one second.

Now, if we're gonna go wire, Wildfire bomb, we might as well try to get it to the lowest that we can right, lowest.

Cooldown that we can going back to the game.

Lunge in the new tiers is also going to reduce Wildfire bomb by uh.

One second Butchery reduces the remaining cooldown of wirefire Bomb by one second, for each Target hit up to five seconds frenzy strike.

Um reduces the remaining cooldown of welfare Bomb by one second and the remaining cooldown of flanking strike by one second, for each Target hit up to five.

If you're the eagle, the reason we're taking this one, it's the damage is all right.

It's fun, I'll show you right now, I didn't know.

We had this.

It's kind of like uh the shots that uh.

What is this? The shots? The strikes that monks have I didn't know that I'd never played that before anyways.

So the reason we're taking Fury of the eagle is so we can get Rufus Marauder I'll talk about that a little later right and then we have to have coordinate assault, coordinated, kill, um when it's active, the cooldown of wildfire bomb is reduced by 50 Wildfire bombs generates 10, Focus, kill, cut, kill shots, cooldown is reduced by 50 and kill shot can be used against any army.

On Target.

That's awesome right, so we're getting uh cooldown reduction and more Focus.

So we can spend more Focus to get that 25 25 Focus used to get Wild player bomb down, Bombay deer cooldown reset at the start and end of coordinated assault, so we're just gonna be throwing a whole bunch of bombs right just a whole bunch of bombs.

Um he also took gorilla.

Tactics, has two charges at the initial explosion: viel's 50 increased damage and improved Wildfire bomb.

Two uh two ranks.

It deals, 25 extra extra damage right.

So it's like once.

What's going on right, so it sounds to me like we are going to be throwing a lot of bombs, see if I can there's another Bob tornado Sol has two bombs: hey, there's a bomb there's two bombs according to solve just ended and the thing about Butchery as it has three charges.

So it's cooling down your Wildfire bomb constantly so you're going to want to using Butchery as much as you can to get your Wildfire bottom out after I.

Did all that we're gonna see where my Wildfire bomb is at right now, bomb bottle bomb which I think it all works as the same as Wildfire bomb.

So we got all of these.

Shravno bomb is doing the most right and that's just on one target right or is that all of them anyways I, think our bombs are going to be hitting way harder, see like it's it's taking over Mongoose bike right now, I, don't know how well it's gonna be going in arenas, but I want to say this is probably close to the next uh step to where 10.1 is going now, if I had to guess our tree.

This is the tree for 10.1 is gonna, look something thank you critical damage with the fury of the eagle every crit is gonna, reduce, Wildfire bomb, but I, don't think so uh we are going to take.

Let's see where we are.

Okay, sweeping spear, coordinated assault, coordinated, uh, coordinated, kill, that's all of them, so I'm wondering hmm.

If there's a way to I really don't know if we're gonna need intense Focus, I was really kind of running on.

I was kind of running low, on focus at times, and I was wondering what to do.

We definitely need tactical event.

Advantage you kind of want Bombardier and I'm wondering I'm, not an expert at this, so this is just me putting in my two cents and I'm wondering how we get down to Bombardier.

Do we take one and one this could be it I think this could possibly be it um we'll have to see what the pros say: I'm, not a pro.

This is what I feel right now to make it all the way down to make it good.

We also need frenzy strikes, damn I, don't know what to do all right.

So our Ross is right here under Hunters of Wade and slash Roar sacrifice.

I just had to look for it.

Do we take that? Currently we do, but Ross is way better than Hunter's avoidance right now.

So that being said, we got a new sticky tar bomb.

We got Ross Roar sacrifice in in our hunter tree and we have cooldown upon cooldown upon cooldown of our bombs.

This is all Theory crafting from my end.

I would have to test I, don't have the PCR.

So when it comes out, I'll be doing a lot of testings I'll.

Let you guys know how this is going um, but for now this might be the play.

The flakers advantage might be the play.

The intense Focus might be the play, but right now, I think mainly what we're looking at is getting ruthless Marauder, Bombardier, um, wildfire, infusion, Butchery, coordinated it kill with a coordinated assault and flanking I.

Don't think the Mongoose spear for the Mongoose might just be done.

Are we taking Mongoose out getting that and getting that there's a lot of questions here, but I think this is closest to the 10.1 as we're gonna get right now.

So, if you like the video, let me know what you guys think of 10.1.

So far like the idea of 10.1 I know, rats are getting nerfed, this Tuesday I think uh demo is gonna, get knocked down a little bit.

Uh VM Hunter's got three percent damage reduction and then our Mongoose bike got Nerf by 10, 10 percent.

Why why tell me why and uh yeah like subscribe, follow me on Kick.

Follow me on Twitch I I I, I stream, every once in a while.

So you know you know, come come find me.


What is the set bonus in Survival Hunter Season 2? ›

Survival Hunter Season 2 Tier Set First Impression. 2-Set - Hunter Survival 10.1 Class Set 2pc - Wildfire Bomb damage increased by 10% and throwing a Wildfire Bomb increases the damage of your next Kill Command by 50%. 4-Set - Choosing Gregg - Every 25 Focus you spend reduces the cooldown of Wildfire Bomb by 1 second.

Are Survival Hunters good Dragonflight? ›

The Survival Hunter may unfortunately be the worst performing spec World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. They lack survivability, utility, and the damage output needed to perform well, hence their low rating on our DPS tier list. Having said that, Survival is a unique way to play the Hunter class.

What is the best weapon for a survival hunter? ›

Survival Hunters are now melee; they prefer two-handed weapons (some 2H axes and swords are agility and work) such as polearms and staves.

What is the wild set bonus? ›

The set provides the Master Sword Beam Up after the set is upgraded to ★★ tier. Increases damage output when holding R to shoot beams from the Master Sword. Alongside the Ancient Set and the Soldier's Set, the Wild Set is among the strongest sets in the game in terms of defense when fully upgraded.

Does the wild set have a set bonus? ›

Equipping all three of the armor pieces when upgraded twice will grant you a unique bonus: Master Sword Beam Up - which will let you fling blasts of energy from the Master Sword much farther when at full health than ever before.

What is the best legendary for Survival Hunter? ›

Best Legendary for Survival Hunter

Latent Poison Injectors is ideal for pure single-target encounters. Wildfire Cluster is ideal for any form of AoE, cleave, or Mythic+ situation.

What is the Tier 0 armor set that is designed for hunters? ›

The Tier 0 Set or Dungeon Set 1 for Hunters is called Beaststalker Armor.

What is the best Hunter class in Dragonflight? ›

What is the Best Hunter Spec in Dragonflight Season 2? Beast Mastery has acceptable single-target, average AoE, but strong uncapped AoE on 8+ targets. Its unlimited mobility and ease of play can mean that it will often overperform in less competitive scenarios, which makes it a popular spec.

What is the best main profession in Dragonflight? ›

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - 8 Most Useful Profession Specializations For Endgame
  1. 1 Potion Or Phial Mastery - Alchemy.
  2. 2 Mechanical Mind - Engineering. ...
  3. 3 Consumables - Leatherworking. ...
  4. 4 Enchantment - Enchanting. ...
  5. 5 Cooking. ...
  6. 6 Faceting - Jewelcrafting. ...
  7. 7 Archiving - Inscription. ...
  8. 8 Textiles - Tailoring. ...
Jan 14, 2023

Which class is best for Dragonflight? ›

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - 6 Best Classes For Solo...
  1. 1 Hunter.
  2. 2 Warlock. ...
  3. 3 Monk. ...
  4. 4 Demon Hunter. ...
  5. 5 Warrior. ...
  6. 6 Druid. Druids can switch to four diverse specializations encompassing all roles, including a range and melee DPS. ...
Dec 25, 2022

What pet is best for survival hunter? ›

As a Survival Hunter, you should generally be using a Ferocity pet for raids. They provide 10% Leech, which will heal you when you do damage. While any good-looking Ferocity pet will do well in most situations, Healing Reduction pets like Hyenas, Rodents, and Raptors can be situationally useful.

What is the most powerful gun in way of the hunter? ›

1 Steyr Pro Hunter 2

This rifle has a magazine capacity of 4, keeping up with the average of the guns in the game. It features bolt action and relies on 7mm-08 Rem ammo. It is the ideal rifle for long-range targets, allowing the hunter to get that elusive deer.

What is the coolest Hunter weapon in wow? ›

WoW Classic Phase 5 Hunter Off-Hand Weapons
BestFang of the FacelessZul'Gurub
Best(PvP)High Warlord's BladePvP Vendor
Best(PvP)High Warlord's CleaverPvP Vendor
OptionalCore Hound ToothMolten Core
2 more rows

Are there set bonuses in MHR? ›

You will receive a set resistance bonus when you equip 3 or more armor pieces from the same set; this bonus increases all of your resistances. The more pieces you equip from the same set, the bigger the bonus you'll get.

What race is best for survival hunter? ›

One of the best races for Hunter is Orc, which offers the highest passive stun duration reduction with Hardiness, which is nice to have given how vulnerable Hunters are in stuns. An additional selling point for Orcs is the combination of both Blood Fury and Command.

Can Survival Hunters have 2 pets? ›

You start the game with a maximum of just one pet on your active pet bar. You gain the ability to take more pets with you as you increase in level, just like any other hunter skill. While you can still only have one pet out at a time*, you can have up to 5 in your pet bar, ready to be called out.

Does Dark Rangers quiver work for survival? ›

Comment by Seydgen. The effect ONLY works when using ranged weapons. This makes it useless for survival spec.

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