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We've kind of gotten used to blackrock beating the numbers beating expectations.

Blackrock is by far the largest, with roughly a 35 market share of a domestic market.

Who is the most powerful man in the world? Some may say it is the president of the united states, others may side with corporate america and deem the likes of jeff bezos and elon musk to be more powerful.

But there is someone else it is likely.

You have never heard of blackrock.

In less than 30 years, this company has grown from nothing to becoming the world's largest asset manager.

The assets in the roster exceed the value of nine trillion dollars and their net worth is equal to half of america's gdp.

Clearly they do not need a name in the mainstream media to be successful or in fact own and control the entire world, but who are they? What do they do and how does this one company in america influence every industry and sector in the world? Let's begin with who they are? Blackrock was founded in 1988 by larry fink, along with robert capito susan wagner, barbara novik ben golub, hugh frater, ralph, schlosting and keith anderson.

Its aim was to provide corporations with asset management services to help them manage their risks and investments.

The idea came when fink during his time in first boston lost 100 million dollars as its head.

That experience became the motivation for him to develop what he and the others considered to be excellent risk management and fiduciary practices.

Blackrock first got its funding from pete peterson of the blackstone group, who believed in fink's vision of a firm devoted to risk management.

Fink's company then essentially became an arm of blackstone and it was called blackstone financial management in exchange for a 50 stake in the bond business, blackstone gave fink and his team a 5 million dollar credit line.

Within months the business turned profitable and by 1989 the group's assets had quadrupled to 2.7 billion dollars.

Blackstone's stake in fink's company then fell to just 40, as opposed to the 60 held by fink and his group.

The firm adopted the name blackrock in 1992 and by the end of that year, blackrock was managing 17 billion in assets by the end of 1994.

They were handling 53 billion.

Sometime later that same year, fink became the chairman and ceo of blackrock inc.

The company went public in 1999 at just 14 a share on the new york stock exchange and by the end of that year they were handling 165 billion dollars in assets.

Blackrock grew both organically and by acquisitions, and in 2004 they made their first significant acquisition buying state street research and management's holding company ssrm, holding inc from metlife for 325 million in cash and 50 million in stock, and this was only the beginning.

We are aware to some extent, that a handful of mega corporations and private investment companies dominate every aspect of our lives.

What we watch eat, drink, wear, buy and go is all dictated.

It is all less of a personal choice and more what is fed to us by corporations.

All of these investment firms are so enormous that they control the money flow worldwide.

While there appear to be hundreds of competing brands on the market, the truth is larger.

Parent companies actually own multiple, smaller brands, like russian nesting dolls pepsico, for example, owns a long list of food beverage and snack brands, as does coca-cola nestle, general mills, unilever, mars, kraft, heinz and associated british foods.

Together, these parent companies monopolize the packaged food industry, as virtually every food brand available belongs to one of them.

These companies are publicly traded and are run by boards, where the largest shareholders have power over the decision.

Making and- and here is where it gets interesting, because when you look up who the largest shareholders are, you find yet another monopoly, while the topmost shareholders can change from time to time based on shares, bought and sold.

Two companies are consistently listed among the top institutional holders of these parent companies, the vanguard, group, inc and blackrock inc.

The same ownership trend exists in industries besides food and beverage.

If you're planning a family vacation and using your laptop phone or tablet to research, ticket prices and hotel stay, your go-to would probably be a site like skyscanner, booking.com, airbnb or expedia, which provides you with all the information you need in one convenient place.

Well, both of these companies are owned by blackrock you book your vacation and are set to fly most likely with american airlines, air france, klm, united airlines, delta or transavia, all of which blackrock has a stake in even if you are not flying with any of these airlines, blackrock still owns a percentage of boeing and airbus, two of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world.

If you arrive at your hotel and choose to write a review of your stay on tripadvisor, you would be using a service also partly owned by blackrock, and their power goes much further.

The kerosene that fuels the plane comes from one of their many oil companies and refineries, and the steel that makes the plane also comes from their minds.

The agricultural sector is not exempt from this either.

Blackrock owns bayer the world's largest seed producer, along with some of the largest textile manufacturing plants and clothing companies.

In addition to that, blackrock has a stake in solar panel producing companies, major drug companies and the scientific institutes and labs that fund drug studies, places where you shop from malls and department stores to amazon and aliexpress are owned by blackrock.

If you choose not to shop with them and support smaller local businesses, you are still supporting blackrock when you use your credit card or any digital mode of payment to pay for your goods and services.

Insurance companies, banks, construction companies, telephone companies, restaurants, personal care brands and makeup brands are all in their sizable portfolio.

In virtually every major company you find blackrock among the top 10 institutional investors with its massive reach.

Blackrock is essentially the fourth branch of government influencing policies and decisions and even lending money to the central bank and federal reserve.

In past times of crisis, the federal reserve system has asked blackrock for help managing funds, but it's not abnormal for the fed to be buying services from companies.

The 2008 financial crisis had the new york federal reserve leader, timothy geithner, ask blackrock for help to manage the distressed assets bear stearns and aig in an echo of 2008, the fed once again relied on blackrock to stabilize the bond market.

Amid the economic turmoil caused by the covet 19 pandemic, the details of the arrangement were not revealed, including how much blackrock would be paid for their services, but it was undoubtedly a lucrative undertaking for the company not to mention that they would also be in a position to profit from the advice they gave in the following months.

The central bank purchased trillions of dollars in various assets and debts, including corporate bonds.

Blackrock was tapped to manage this portion of the purchases.

Blackrock, of course, has used the central bank and the fed's dependence on them to grow even further.

This power has allowed larry fink to become a billionaire oligarch, holding incredible power, not just in america but all over the world.

If the company and larry fink hold such power, why is it that you have not heard of them more? There is power in anonymity if blackrock is barely featured in print publications and news channels.

It is because they want it to be so if they wanted, they could feature every day.

Blackrock currently owns 18 of fox 16 of cbs and 13 of comcast, which in turn owns nbc, msnbc and sky.

If any of those companies wanted to make a decision, they would have to also consult with blackrock.

Before doing so.

The same is true for google, a tech giant currently worth 853 billion dollars.

Amazon, facebook and twitter are also not exempt, and neither is disney thanks to their incredibly diverse investment portfolio in media alone, blackrock essentially owns 90 of the world's media.

If you don't know about them, it's because they don't want you to why owning a portion of the world doesn't come without its share of scandal or conflict.

In august 2020 blackrock became the first foreign company to be allowed into china's mutual fund industry, which means they can now invest and own parts of chinese companies, including ones that are blacklisted by the united states.

One of the first investments made by blackrock was in hiki vision a security and communications firm that essentially makes facial recognition software for use by the chinese government, but this money isn't just black rocks or larry thinks it comes from pension funds and bank accounts of ordinary civilians who have unknowingly given money to blackrock in the past.

If we take into account blackrock's ownership over western media banks, e-commerce stores, social media, food and beverages and many many more industries, it becomes evident that the company has a wealth of data on us and they may do with it.

What they please tick-tock's data harvesting pales in comparison to what blackrock is capable of given how they have everything from our bank account numbers to our personal tastes and preferences, as blackrock's investment in china grows.

So will china's influence on the world and our personal data, which was hanging on a thread to begin with, will quickly end up in the wrong hands with the trajectory blackrock has been on, it seems their influence will only grow as they acquire more and more of the world to control.

If such is the case, we are headed into a dystopian world where corporations have more power than governments, and things like voting and freedom of speech have less power than investment boards.

What is the escape from this reality? You.


Who is most powerful company in the world? ›

1WalmartUnited States
2Amazon.com, Inc.United States
3State Grid Corporation of ChinaChina
48 more rows

What two corporations own everything? ›

BlackRock and Vanguard are the world's largest asset managers with a combined R309 trillion in assets under management (AUM), and they own stakes in most of the world's biggest businesses.

Does BlackRock control the world? ›

BlackRock is an investment firm that controls a huge number of shares in some of the largest companies in the world. They have a total of $10 trillion in assets across the globe. That's an amount equal to half of America's total gross domestic product - controlled by just one company.

Who owns most companies in the world? ›

Four main categories of investors dominate the ownership of today's publicly listed companies. These are institutional investors, public sector owners, private corporations and strategic individual investors. The largest category is institutional investors holding 41% of the global market capitalisation.

What are the companies that own everything? ›

So whether you're looking to stock up on anything from orange soda to latte-flavored potato chips, Mondelez, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, PepsiCo, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg's, and Unilever own just about everything you could hope to buy.

What is the most powerful company in America? ›


What are the 6 corporations that own everything? ›

These top six companies control 90% of the media in the United States. Just 37 years ago, there were 50 companies in charge of most American media. Now, 90% of the media in the United States is controlled by just six corporations: AT&T, CBS, Comcast, Disney, Newscorp and Viacom.

What company controls the most assets? ›

Rankings by Total Assets
RankProfileTotal Assets
2.SoftBank Group Corporation$413,941,000,000
3.Royal Dutch Shell plc$404,336,000,000
4.Microsoft Corporation$380,088,000,000
92 more rows

What is the richest company in the world? ›

Apple once again leads the charge as the most valuable company in the world, ahead of Microsoft and Saudi Aramco. ✔️ In the last year, the market capitalisation of the world's most valuable companies increased by 11% to $35.16 trillion.

Does BlackRock own Walmart? ›

BlackRock, Inc., holds 3.60% of Walmart shares, worth about $13.6 billion. BlackRock, Inc., is a multinational investment company in New York City. It is the largest asset manager in the world, with about $10 trillion worth of assets as of January 2022.

How much of the US is owned by BlackRock? ›

Its very top position based on the percentage of company owned is real estate firm CBRE Group (CBRE). Vanguard owns nearly 17% of the company. BlackRock is the No. 2 holder with 10.2% of the company.

Who are the 7 owners of BlackRock? ›

BlackRock was founded in 1988 by Larry Fink, Robert S. Kapito, Susan Wagner, Barbara Novick, Ben Golub, Hugh Frater, Ralph Schlosstein, and Keith Anderson to provide institutional clients with asset management services from a risk management perspective.

Who owns 100% of a company? ›

A wholly-owned subsidiary is a company whose common stock is 100% owned by a parent company. Wholly-owned subsidiaries allow the parent company to diversify their product lines, streamline management, and possibly reduce risk.

Which company is a trillionaire? ›

Nvidia would become the fifth publicly traded U.S. company to be currently worth $1 trillion. Apple created the club in 2018. Microsoft , Alphabet and Amazon also now hold the distinction.

What is the richest private company ever? ›

Cargill is the most valuable private company in the world. 2 It is a company that you probably have only scant familiarity with, yet have almost certainly patronized. So who owns Cargill? The Cargill family, of course.

What companies will never go out of business? ›

  • Food. Food is required for life and this means demand will always be high. ...
  • Pharmaceutical. The pharmaceutical industry has experienced impressive growth globally. ...
  • Healthcare. ...
  • Education. ...
  • Sin Industry. ...
  • 6. Entertainment and Media. ...
  • Professional Services.

What is the largest privately owned company? ›

20 Largest Private Companies in the World
  • Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores. 2022 Revenue: $25.5 billion. ...
  • Enterprise Holdings. 2022 Revenue: $30 billion. ...
  • C&S Wholesale Grocers. 2022 Revenue: $33 billion. ...
  • KPMG. 2022 Revenue: $35 billion. ...
  • Reyes Holdings. 2022 Revenue: $35.3 billion. ...
  • H-E-B. ...
  • Pilot Company. ...
  • Mars, Incorporated.
Feb 11, 2023

What is it called when a company owns everything? ›

Key Takeaways

In a conglomerate, one company owns a controlling stake in smaller companies that each conduct business operations separately. Conglomerates can be created in several ways, including mergers or acquisitions.

Who has the most assets in the world? ›

The Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan remains the largest asset owner in the world (US$1.7 trillion) followed by the two largest sovereign wealth funds: Norges Bank Investment Management (US$1.4 trillion) and China Investment Corporation (US$1.2 trillion).

Who makes the most money every year? ›

In 2022, the Saudi Arabian oil company Saudi Aramco posted the highest net revenue of any company in the world, with profits of over 300 billion U.S. dollars. Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Equinor rounded out the top five spots in the ranking of most profitable companies.

What is the most powerful company in history? ›

The most valuable firm of all time, the Dutch East India Company, was established in 1602 and had a monopoly on the spice trade in Asia.

Who controls the media in the US? ›

Main menu. The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

Who actually owns corporations? ›

Shareholders are actual owners of a corporation, while the board of directors manages the corporation. The law acknowledges a corporation as a completely separate, legal entity.

What are the big 3 companies that own everything? ›

Together, BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street have nearly US$11 trillion in assets under management. That's more than all sovereign wealth funds combined and over three times the global hedge fund industry.

Who is controlling the world economy? ›

The IMF monitors the international monetary system and global economic developments to identify risks and recommend policies for growth and financial stability. The Fund also undertakes a regular health check of the economic and financial policies of its 190 member countries.

Who is State Street owned by? ›

State Street Corp (NYSE:STT)

Institutional investors hold a majority ownership of STT through the 92.62% of the outstanding shares that they control. This interest is also higher than at almost any other company in the Regional Banks industry.

Where do huge companies keep their money? ›

“Companies often keep money in money market funds or similar highly liquid accounts which should generate more interest income as rates rise, but the amount probably won't be a material contributor to overall earnings for most companies, even those with large cash balances like Tesla or Ford.”

Who is No 1 richest person in the world? ›

Who is the richest man in the world? As of July 1, 2023, the richest man in the world is Elon Musk, the CEO of electric car company Tesla; he's worth $237.7 billion. He moved into the number one spot in June, overtaking Bernard Arnault of France.

Who is the richest family in the world? ›

The title currently goes to the Walton family with a net worth of $173.1 billion. Keep reading to find out what other families made the list of the top 10 richest families in the world.

What company makes the most money every day? ›

Most Profitable Companies Ranked
CompanyProfit per Day
3Berkshire Hathaway$116,495,890
6 more rows

What bank owns BlackRock? ›

PNC purchased BlackRock in February 1995 for approximately $240 million.

What percentage of Walmart does China own? ›

Is Walmart owned by China? No, Walmart is not owned by China, nor has it been sold to a Chinese investment group. According to USA TODAY fact check, a claim that Walmart had been sold to a Chinese firm was proven false.

Who owns majority of Walmart? ›

Walmart's Largest Shareholders (Dec 2022)
ShareholderOwnershipVoting Power
Walton Enterprises37.2%37.2%
Walton Family Holdings Trust9.9%9.9%
Jim Walton0.4%0.4%
5 more rows
Apr 27, 2023

Does BlackRock own Pfizer? ›

The three largest shareholders of Pfizer, J&J and Merck are Vanguard, SSGA and BlackRock, the multi-trillion dollar funds which make investments on behalf of their clients and keep a cut for their service.

Does BlackRock own Tesla? ›

BlackRock Fund Advisors is the third-largest institutional shareholder of Tesla, with a 3.61% stake in the company and 113 million shares. BlackRock holds an estimated $19.7 billion worth of Tesla stock and controls 113 million shareholder votes at this time.

Does BlackRock own Google? ›

Google is not a private company; hence, it isn't owned by a single individual; hence, under Alphabet, it is owned by individuals and institutions like the Vanguard Group, BlackRock, Fidelity Management & Research LLC, Sundar Pichai, its CEO, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, its two co-founders, among others.

What does BlackRock control? ›

BlackRock is one of the world's leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions. We are a fiduciary to our clients. We're investing for the future on behalf of our clients, inspiring our employees, and supporting our local communities.

Does China own BlackRock? ›

New York-based BlackRock is the first foreign-owned company allowed by Beijing to operate a wholly-owned business in China's burgeoning mutual fund industry.

Where does BlackRock get its money? ›

1 BlackRock derives the majority of its revenue from investment advisory and administrative fees charged to its clients. Among BlackRock's major competitors are The Vanguard Group, State Street Corp. (STT), and T. Rowe Price Group Inc.

Who owns 50% of the company? ›

A single shareholder who owns and controls more than 50% of a company's outstanding shares is called a majority shareholder. In comparison, those who hold less than 50% of a company's stock are classified as minority shareholders. Most majority shareholders are company founders.

Can you buy 1% of a company? ›

There is no minimum order limit on the purchase of a publicly-traded company's stock. Investors may consider buying fractional shares through a dividend reinvestment plan or DRIP, which don't have commissions.

How much is a business worth with $1 million in sales? ›

The exact value of a business with $1 million in sales would depend on the profitability of the business and its assets. Generally, a business is worth anywhere from one to five times its annual sales. So, in this case, the business would be worth between $1 million and $5 million.

Is there $1 trillion company? ›

Nvidia is joining the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon with the company briefly reaching a $1 trillion market cap on Tuesday, making it one of only a handful of companies to do so.

Who is trillionaire man? ›

A trillionaire is an individual with a net worth equal to at least one trillion in U.S. dollars or a similarly valued currency, such as the euro or the British pound. Currently, no one has yet claimed trillionaire status, although some of the world's richest individuals may only be a few years away from this milestone.

What was the first company worth $1 trillion? ›

The iPhone maker also holds the distinction of being the world's first company to reach $1 trillion and $2 trillion. According to analysts, Apple stock still has room to grow in the future.

What are the 3 most valuable companies? ›

Apple is nearly $500 billion more valuable than the next-largest company, Microsoft ($2.5 trillion market cap), while Saudi Aramco ($2.1 trillion), Alphabet ($1.5 trillion), Amazon ($1.3 trillion) and Nvidia ($1 trillion) round out the exclusive trillion-dollar club.

What is the largest corporation in America? ›

1. Walmart. The world's largest retailer posted $611 billion in revenue last year, according to Fortune. Walmart has held the top spot for 11 years straight.

Who owns the most small businesses? ›

Men own 63% of businesses

Men own 3.5 million (or 63.2%) businesses, while women own 1.2 million (or 22.2%). About 800,000 (or 14.5%) are equally male- and female-owned.

Who is the most powerful CEO in the world? ›

Details of the Best CEOs in the World
  • Tim Cook – CEO of Apple.
  • Sundar Pichai – CEO of Google.
  • Satya Nadella – CEO of Microsoft.
  • Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Meta (Facebook)
  • Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla.
  • Andy Jassy – CEO of Amazon.
  • Warren Buffett – CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.
  • Jensen Huang – CEO of Nvidia.
Apr 28, 2023

Which is the biggest No 1 company in the world? ›

Market Cap is an important metric in ascertaining the comparative value of firms with regard to trading opportunities. With its market capitalization of $2.596 Trillion, Apple ranks as the largest company in the world in 2023 followed by some most recognizable brands like Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon.

What is the most powerful brand? ›

Google ranked as the world's strongest brand in 2022 based on the evaluation of factors such as marketing investment, brand performance among customers, staff and stakeholders, and impact on business operations. According to the index, Google scored 93.2 out of 100 points.

Who has more power a CEO or owner? ›

For larger businesses, particularly publicly traded companies, the chief executive officer, or CEO, is the highest-level person, while small businesses are typically founded and run by their owners.

Who is the No 1 richest CEO in world? ›

As of June 1, 2023, the richest man in the world is Bernard Arnault, the CEO and chairman of LVMH of France; he's worth $215 billion. He moved into the number one spot after Elon Musk's fortune fell in late 2022 as shares of electric carmaker Tesla fell.

Who is stronger president or CEO? ›

Oversight. The CEO is the top executive in a business; the president is the second-highest executive, after the CEO. In some cases the second-highest executive in a business is called the chief operating officer (COO). CEOs report to the the directors, collectively known as the board.

Who is the most powerful official in the country? ›

The Cabinet Secretary is the top-most executive official and senior-most civil servant of the Government of India.

What department is the most powerful? ›

Established in 1789 as the first administrative arm of the U.S. executive branch, the State Department is considered among the most powerful and prestigious executive agencies. It is headed by the U.S. secretary of state, who reports directly to the U.S. president and is a member of the Cabinet.

Is the most powerful institution in the world today? ›

A world government with executive, legislative, and judicial functions and an administrative apparatus has never existed. The inception of the United Nations (UN) in the mid-20th century remains the closest approximation to a world government, as it is by far the largest and most powerful international institution.

What is the richest company? ›

Which company is the world's most valuable? Apple once again leads the charge as the most valuable company in the world, ahead of Microsoft and Saudi Aramco. ✔️ In the last year, the market capitalisation of the world's most valuable companies increased by 11% to $35.16 trillion.

Who is the largest government employer in the world? ›

Q. 2- Who is the biggest employer in the world? The United States Department of Defence is the largest employer in the world, employing 2.86 million people in total. Both civilian employees and serving personnel are included in this group.

What is the most sold brand in the world? ›

Most popular brands: Top 10

Currently topping the list is tech and electronics company Samsung, which also makes the South Korean brand the highest-ranked, non-US company on the list of the 10 most popular brands in the world in 2022.

What is the most famous logo in the world? ›

Coca-Cola logo and brand is the most recognisable in the world. The red and white Coca-Cola logo is recognised by 94% of the world's population. The importance of a logo design can't be understated as is shown from this list of most famous logos.

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