The Dog Suicide Bridge | Why Have Hundreds of Dogs Jumped? (2023)


THE DOG SUICIDE BRIDGE. In Dumbarton, Scotland, there's a 19th-century gothic bridge that crosses a 50-foot ravine. It's *officially* called Overtoun Bridge. But it's *unofficial* name is the "dog suicide bridge."

Built in 1895, the ornate bridge leads up to Overtoun House, a 19th century manor built by wealthy industrialist James White on the outskirts of the village of Milton in the Scottish Lowlands. It spans Overtoun Burn, a deep gorge with a small river.

Hundreds of dogs have attempted to commit suicide by jumping off this bridge. Stories about Overtoun Bridge are all over the internet and have been featured on the TV series The Unexplained Files. There's even an entire book dedicated to the phenomenon.

But despite all this attention, the mystery is still unsolved.

Let's find out why.

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In, the martin, scotland, there's a 19th century gothic bridge that crosses a 50-foot ravine.

It's officially called overton bridge, but its unofficial name is the dog suicide bridge.

Oh no, do I even have to ask since the 1950s hundreds of dogs have mysteriously jumped off this bridge and 50 of them died.

Let's find out why built in 1895, the ornate bridge leads up to overton house a 19th century manor built by wealthy industrialist james white on the outskirts of the village of milton in the scottish lowlands it spans overton byrne, a deep gorge with a small river and hundreds of dogs have attempted to commit suicide by jumping off this bridge and stories about overton bridge are all over the internet and have been featured on the tv series, the unexplained files there's even an entire book dedicated to this phenomenon.

But despite all this attention, the mystery is still unsolved.

So, what's going on here, there are those who believe that the suicides are caused by supernatural forces.

They point out that the bridge's location fits the description of a thin place which, according to celtic pagan beliefs, is a location where heaven and the earth meet.

Oh I'd like to see a video on thin places.

That's a good idea.

Another theory blames the white lady of overton, who haunts the overton house.

Now her husband john died in 1908, leaving the widow to grieve for over 30 years and after she died.

She became the ghost known as the white lady of overton.

According to local legend, the white lady has been seen in the windows of the house and wandering the grounds still grieving.

Another even darker story describes a terrible event that happened in 1994.

that year, a 32 year old father threw his own baby into the gorge below, because he was certain that his child was the antichrist.

The baby died the following day and the father was declared insane obviously and committed to an institution locals, say that dogs jumped from the same spot where the baby was thrown.

They believe there's some kind of supernatural rift that affects dogs behavior.

Now most animal behaviorists agree that dogs don't commit suicide.

Dogs can certainly become depressed, which leads them to waste away and die slowly, but there's no reason a normal, healthy dog would throw itself off a bridge.

So what's going on here, the question is why this bridge, why overton bridge over all the other bridges that are here in this country in 2006, dr david sands, a canine psychologist, investigated the bridge dr sands, said the way that the bridge is constructed is probably a factor.

The walls of the bridge are about waist high and completely solid.

There are also trees and dense greenery that grow higher than the walls.

So there are no visual cues for the dogs to realize that they're on a bridge or that there's a drop on the other side of the wall.

Also, the tops of the walls are tapered so that if a dog jumps on top of one, it's probably going to fall, even if it realizes it made a mistake.

So this explains why a dog would be unaware that jumping is dangerous, but why would it try to jump in the first place? Well, dr sands.

Has a theory for that too.

He points out that minks were introduced to scotland in the 1920s and began breeding in large numbers in the 1950s.

This is the same time when the suicide supposedly started so not only are mink present in the undergrowth under the bridge, but also squirrels mice, all kinds of forest critters that dogs enjoy.

He made me this color so that I may talk squirrel.

My master is good and smart.

The theory is the scent of one or more of these animals grabs a dog's attention than wanting to chase down the source of the scent.

The dog jumps over the wall without realizing the danger.

This theory is supported by the fact that all of the incidents appear to happen on dry sunny days when animal scents carry more clearly and scotland doesn't get a lot of dry sunny days.

So it kind of stands out.

Dr sands performed an experiment to see what scents were most attractive to dogs.

He took 10 dogs to a field and they were the same breeds that jumped off the bridge in the field.

Were three containers each containing an animal scent? Seven of the dogs, headed straight to the container, containing the mink scent like right to it.

Minks emit a strong odor that gets dogs very excited.

So the most logical theory is that on sunny days when scents are carrying well, long-nosed dogs are catching a whiff of mink in the undergrowth below the bridge and in general, with dogs.

The longer the nose, the better their sense of smell.

So then, driven by their instinct to hunt and unaware of the dangerous fall, they jump off the bridge in pursuit of prey checks out.

So what we have seems to be a plausible explanation for the dog suicide bridge, but locals, aren't buying it.

People who visit the overton bridge also talk about experiencing a strange feeling when they're there and some have even said they feel an invisible finger kind of prodding them to the end of the bridge.

And what do you think the jabbing finger was the white lady of overton when skeptics confront locals about the supernatural theory.

Many are quick to point out that there are other bridges just like this all over the area with the same characteristics.

Yet dogs are not jumping, so what do you think? Have we debunked this story, or is there something more going on here? Let us know in the comments I think what's going on is dogs are dumb, oh and if anyone knows about a fish suicide bridge, I'd be interested in that not funny thanks for hanging out with us today my name is aj.

That's hecklefish! This has been the y-files if you had fun or learned anything today, comment like subscribe share.

All that stuff really helps out the channel until next time be safe, be kind and know that you are appreciated.



The Dog Suicide Bridge | Why Have Hundreds of Dogs Jumped? ›

Still, this part of the country is full of superstitious folks. Some of them believe that there are paranormal factors at work, driving the dogs to jump to their deaths. One theory is that a grieving widow, the "White Lady of Overtoun

Overtoun Bridge is a category B-listed structure over the Overtoun Burn on the approaching road to Overtoun House, near Dumbarton in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. It was completed in 1895, based on a design by the landscape architect H. E. Milner. › wiki › Overtoun_Bridge
" maintains a ghostly presence at the bridge, stirring the dogs into a death frenzy.

How many dogs died on the dog suicide bridge? ›

In a land rife with superstitions, myths and monsters the bridge has been at the center of an enduring mystery. Why do so many dogs jump? Local researchers estimate more than 300 have sailed off the bridge; tabloid reports say it's 600. At least 50 dogs are said to have died.

Why did dogs jump off of the Overtoun Bridge? ›

In 2014, canine psychologist David Sands proposed that the surrounding foliage – giving the in-reality extremely steep drop off the side of the bridge the appearance of even ground – combined with the residual odor from male mink urine in the area could be culprit for luring dogs to jump off the bridge.

How many dogs have died at the Overtoun Bridge in the last half century? ›

Since the 1960s, the Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland has been a mysterious hotbed for what locals have called “doggy suicides.” According to The New York Times, local researchers estimate that at least 300 dogs have jumped off the bridge, while local tabloids report that the number is closer to 600.

Where is the bridge at Overtoun that calls dogs to their maker? ›

There's a 19th-century bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland, called the Overtoun Bridge; however, over the years the structure has become more popularly known as the “dog suicide bridge.” Although quite sinister, the bridge has attracted visitors and paranormal enthusiasts alike, and has even inspired a full-length book.

What is the number of dogs executed? ›

Each year, approximately 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized (390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats).

What is the number one death in dogs? ›

Cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs, and unfortunately, the symptoms are frequently not recognized until it is too late.

What is the highest a dog ever jumped? ›


In addition, a Greyhound holds the Guinness World Record for highest jump at six feet and 29 inches.

Which dog jumped the highest? ›

Whippet. Whippets are similar to Greyhounds but smaller. Their bodies are made for speed and athletic activities, such as jumping. They can leap up to eight feet, with one holding the record for highest vertical jump of eight feet and four inches.

What is the longest dog jump? ›

She is the owner of Sounders, an 8-year-old Whippet. "There's never been a dog in the world that has jumped farther or higher than him. He jumped 36 feet 11 inches for distance," said Behke. And just last Fall, Sounders set the record for a 9-foot vertical jump.

How long did it take to get over dogs death? ›

Acute grief symptoms after the death of a pet can last from one to three months and general symptoms of grief can continue, on average, for six months to a year This grieving period can vary significantly from person to person and can be much longer or shorter.

How many people in the world are killed by dogs each year? ›

Deadliest animals worldwide by annual number of human deaths as of 2022*
CharacteristicAnnual number of human deaths
Freshwater snails20,000
Assassin bugs12,000
9 more rows
Aug 3, 2022

How many dogs are killed yearly? ›

Euthanized animal statistics

On average, 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized every year in the United States. Shelters around the country euthanize an estimated 670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats each year. 45% of all cats who enter shelters are eventually euthanized.

Where do scared dogs run to? ›

Neighbors' yards and public parks are spots it will like. If it is a shy or older pet and not trusting of strangers, it will hide. Bushes and under cars are good spots. Most likely, your pet will have tried to return home, but it will have failed.

How do you find a spooked dog? ›

If a dog is scared or shy, Kathy Pobloskie of Lost Dogs of America says that you can often find them on hiking trails, slightly off the beaten path (they may have sore feet from running), and they will often hide in areas like: Houses that back onto wooded areas or parks. Tall grass or marshy areas. Cemeteries.

What dog breed is least likely to bite? ›

Labrador Retrievers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Newfoundlands are among the safest dog breeds that are least likely to bite, new research has found. While any dog can nip, these breeds are known for their particularly sweet-tempered spirit as long as they are treated right.

What dog causes the most injuries? ›

Pitbulls & Large Dogs
  • Pitbulls and Rottweilers make up 77% of all fatal dog bites, despite making up only 6% of the U.S. dog population.
  • Pitbulls are 2.5x more likely to bite in multiple anatomical locations than other breeds.
  • Pitbulls are responsible for 60% of all injuries and 63% of ocular injuries.
Jun 30, 2021

What is the most common killer of older dogs? ›

Renal failure is one of the most common causes of death in older dogs. The main function of the kidneys is to filter the blood to remove harmful toxins, which are excreted as waste through urination. As the kidneys lose their ability to filter waste, these toxins can build up to dangerous levels.

What are the most fatal things for dogs? ›

Some of the more hazardous edible items include:
  • Onions.
  • Salt.
  • Tobacco products (including e-cigarettes and their refills)
  • Xylitol (a sweetener found in products such as some sugar-free chewing gum, sugar-free candy, cough syrup, mouthwash, and toothpaste)
  • Yeast products (like raw bread dough)
Feb 28, 2023

Why do dogs maul people? ›

"The motivation for lots of dog bites is fear," he says. "Others are territorial - if they're guarding something that they highly value, or defending their favourite resting place, their bed... Or if they've learned to defend, say, a dog bowl - that can result in aggression."

How high can a dog jump without getting hurt? ›

A safe height to jump from.

If a dog is allowed to repetitively jump from heights any higher than their standing shoulder height, this will cause painful joint problems in an older dog. So if you have a little dog that loves to snuggle in bed with you, try and ensure you give them a hand when they try to jump off it.

What is the longest dog jump off the dock? ›

How Far Do Dogs Jump? The world record for distance dock jumping is 36 feet, six inches, set by a Whippet named Sounders in the summer of 2022. Even world record holders have to start somewhere, and for novice distance dock jumpers (the entry-level) the average jump is closer to 9-11 feet.

Which dog is the fastest? ›

Greyhound. The greyhound's tall, slender build was specially bred for dog racing, making it the fastest dog. Unlike other dogs, the breed is meant for speed rather than endurance and doesn't require much exercise.

Which dog breed is the smartest? ›

1. Border collie. According to The Intelligence of Dogs, which ranks 131 dog breeds in terms of their relative intelligence, the border collie is the smartest dog breed known to man.

How high can a pitbull jump? ›

Jumping Dogs: Champion Pit Bull Can Leap Up Four.

What is the highest a cat has ever jumped? ›

How Far and High Can Cats Jump? A healthy adult cat can jump approximately five to six times his body length (about 8 feet!) vertically and nearly as far horizontally. In fact, the Guinness World Book record holder for the longest jump by a cat is Waffle the Warrior Cat, a handsome tuxedo who can leap 7 feet.

What animal can jump 20 feet high? ›

Tigers are the king of high jumpers, jumping heights of well over 10 feet at a time. They can also spring vertically up to heights of 20 feet when in full flight. In fact, animal experts still remain undecided about just how high a tiger can jump because each time a high jump record is set, another tiger breaks it.

How big is the world record dog? ›

'" According to Guinness World Records, the longest and heaviest dog ever recorded was Aicama Zorba of La-Susa, an Old English Mastiff owned by London resident Chris Eraclides. In 1987, Zorba weighed 343 pounds and measured 8 feet, 3 inches from nose to tail.

What not to say when a pet dies? ›

Here are some examples of what not to say when a pet dies: "Don't cry." Crying is part of the grieving process for many people. "It's just a [dog/cat/etc.]." A comment like this that downplays the loss is mean and thoughtless. You don't know what the pet meant to that person.

Can dogs sense death before it happens? ›

Research has shown that dogs can literally smell things like stress in humans. Changes associated with death occur months before the event takes place. These changes can affect subtle differences in the smell of a person or another animal, an indicator that death is near.

What shuts down first when a dog dies? ›

A common reason dogs lose interest when they are dying is that their brain functions begin to shut down. They may experience mental confusion that causes them to appear detached.

What animal kills the most humans in the United States? ›

1. Brown Bear. Brown bears are the most dangerous wild animal in North America, having killed at least 70 people in the last 50 years. These huge creatures are fiercely territorial and don't take kindly to humans that get too close, and they have also been known to kill people for food.

How many dogs are killed by police? ›

Abstract. The Department of Justice estimates that American police officers shoot 10,000 pet dogs in the line of duty each year.

What to do if a pitbull attacks your dog? ›

Stay upright as long as possible and, if you can, try to restrain the dog by putting your free arm around its neck. Hold out for the cavalryEither wait for help to arrive or try incapacitating the dog: suffocation is a possibility, and the eye sockets are particularly vulnerable.

How many dogs died on the Titanic? ›

The ship carried at least twelve dogs, only three of which survived. First-class passengers often traveled with their pets.

What state euthanized the most animals? ›

The five states in which the most animals are being killed are California (100,239), Texas (96,707), North Carolina (47,652), Florida (45,503) and Louisiana (32,150). Collectively, these states account for 52% of the animals killed in U.S. shelters during 2019.

What happens to dogs that don't get adopted? ›

At that point, when the owner either cannot be found or does not want the animal, the best interests of the animal are determined by the shelter. Adoptable animals are generally held and placed with a new family; animals that are too sick, old, or unsociable to be adopted are euthanized.

Where are most lost dogs found? ›

According to an ASPCA survey, about half of missing dogs and a third of missing cats were found by searching their local neighborhoods. Walk or drive through your neighborhood and post flyers in surrounding areas.

Can dogs feel your fear? ›

Researchers concluded that chemosignals—odors that we emit in response to our emotional state—communicate across species to dogs. So, if we are scared, they can smell it and get scared, too.

Do dogs know when they are lost? ›

An outgoing dog will actively seek out other humans and make it well aware that they are lost, hungry, and anxious to return home.

What does God say about dogs? ›

Philippians 3:2: “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.” Proverbs 26:11: “As a dog returneth to his vomit, [so] a fool returneth to his folly.” Luke 16:21: “And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.”

Can dogs cry? ›

Dogs can also cry happy tears, according to a study published today (August 22) in Current Biology. Although the animals' eyes don't overflow, they well up when they're reunited with their owners after spending even just hours apart, the researchers found.

What does the Bible say about losing a pet? ›

Ecclesiastes 3:18-20

All go to one place. All are from the dust, and to dust all return. This verse may be the most appropriate when attempting to ensure a grieving pet-parent that their pet is in Heaven, as it plainly states, "all go to one place."

Do lost dogs come back? ›

Lost Pet Research & Recovery indicates that 93% of lost dogs are found alive, and 20% of them return home on their own.

How long can a lost dog survive? ›

The one factor that affects all lost dogs' survival rate is their access to food and water. A healthy dog can survive without food for up to 5 days if they have access to water. A missing dog needs water, regardless of their health, and can only survive for a few days without proper hydration.

Can a dog be traumatized after being lost? ›

Being lost is stressful for a dog. The unfamiliar surroundings, the lack of known scents, and the absence of their human companions can cause considerable anxiety and fear. This stress doesn't just disappear when they return home. Like humans, dogs need time and support to overcome this traumatic experience.

What did 6 dogs died from? ›

What family of 3 with a dog died while hiking? ›

Family of 3 and pet dog found dead in remote Sierra …

Last fall, investigators concluded that the family died of extreme heat stroke. Temperatures that afternoon reached 109 degrees Fahrenheit (43 Celsius) in the steep mountain terrain and the family had run out of water. A wildfire had burned off any shade canopy.

What happened to dog after death? ›

If your veterinary practice is arranging cremation for you then they will keep - or bring your pet's body back to, in the case of a home euthanasia, or a natural death at home - then at the veterinary practice. Your pet's body is usually picked up by the crematorium and brought to the facility in their own transport.

What is the dog suicide bridge in the UK? ›

Overtoun Bridge, which is found near Dumbarton in West Dunbartonshire, is the site of a strange and unexplained phenomenon. Since the 1950s, there have been many reports of dogs either falling or jumping to their death from the bridge.

What did sad Frosty died from? ›

Is 6 Dogs still alive? ›

How many humans died from dogs? ›

Fatal dog attacks in the United States cause the deaths of about 30 – 50 people in the US each year, and the number of deaths from dog attacks appears to be increasing.

Was hikers dog found alive? ›

Happy, the dog of hiker Josh Hall, was found alive on Feb. 11, eight days after they both went missing. Happy had lost about 10-15 pounds, but there were no signs of frostbite, Hall's stepfather, Nick Vukson, told ABC Denver affiliate KMGH-TV.

What killed the family of three hiking in California? ›

Jonathan Gerrish, Ellen Chung and their 1-year-old daughter, Miju, died from hyperthermia, the condition of having a high body temperature, with possible dehydration due to environmental exposure.

What was the cause of death of the family and dog hiking in California? ›

A text revealed Thursday by the Mariposa County Sheriff's Office appears to support the final official cause of death — hyperthermia and possible dehydration amid soaring temperatures, The Fresno Bee reported.

What does the Bible say about dogs? ›

Philippians 3:2: “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.” Proverbs 26:11: “As a dog returneth to his vomit, [so] a fool returneth to his folly.” Luke 16:21: “And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.”

Will I see my dog again in heaven? ›

The pets that we had to say goodbye to are alive in heaven right now in their spiritual bodies and we will see them again if we accept Jesus as our Savior. Your Pet Is Not Gone Forever.

What happens when a dog dies with the Rainbow Bridge? ›

According to the story, when a pet dies, it goes to the meadow, restored to perfect health and free of any injuries. The pet runs and plays all day with the others; there is always fresh food and water, and the sun is always shining.

What is a dogs Rainbow Bridge? ›

If you've lost a pet, chances are you've heard of the Rainbow Bridge. This bridge is a mythical overpass said to connect heaven and Earth — and, more to the point, a spot where grieving pet owners reunite for good with their departed furry friends.

Why do they call it the Rainbow Bridge when a dog dies? ›

It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of all its beautiful colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.

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