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MILLENNIAL Alex Haynes turned her back on a budding photography career to team up with an army veteran and form the ultimate bounty hunting couple. The 27-year-old and boyfriend Jon Dalman, 52, now make a living as ‘bail recovery agents’ tracking fugitives across America, including dangerous members of the Mexican cartel. They have been attacked by dogs and even shot at but that hasn’t stopped them posting videos of their takedowns online - where they are fast becoming social media stars. The couple met at a martial arts class and quickly realised Alex’s social media savvy would perfectly pair with Jon’s combat experience. For more information visit, or

Video Credits:
Videographer: JP Steele
Producer / director : John Balson
Edit Producer: James Thorne
Editor: James Thorne

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I've had knives pulled on me: I can shot at I.

Had a guy try to run me over in this car dog bites.

It is pretty wild.

If you come at me at night, there's no nine cop cars down the road providing backup, but we are private citizens doing a job and taking people to court against in jail, hey I'm, looking for you, man, just anything, can happen and no one said to help us go to the back door.

Quick I had always heard of bounty hunting, but I didn't know if it was something that really even existed anymore.

I thought it was like Wild, Wild, West, I didn't know there was such a job.

John is not just my partner he's my significant other he's.

My boyfriend we've lived together, I'm, always thinking that the worst can happen him what's up.

Sup strangers was in the US Army following a stint.

There found my way into bail recovery and five years later, I'd.

Do it full-time when I was a kid, I always wanted to be a detective, so I guess around the time I was 21 years old started.

Looking into investigations, work met John here and we started working together, doing bail recovery.

We just picked up a file, it's a female local I, think she's, probably in her 30s I, don't know the exact age but I'm hoping it's not going to be a really difficult file.

You know I'm, not a big bond, but certainly worth going after a bail bond.

Is a short-term loan placed on your behalf by a bondsman to the court to the jail to let you out and acts as a surety as a collateral that you will come back? If you don't come back the bondsman who tells us to go catch you, so they could get their money back important.

Everything works out, I'll, take them into custody when you turn them in and I call the bondsman and we didn't check within the next day, or so they were municipal court driving charges that our remember that she likes the cops - yeah.

Her charges are really minor and nothing that she should be running on.

Our defendants ranged from misdemeanor traffic tickets and will ramp up all away to drug trafficking.

Cartel members and everything in between our folks come from marginalized are already disenfranchised population.

They came up around you know trailer parks or public housing, or just a life of not having a lot of money and being around people who commit crimes, and it's just another day under the Sun for them to have a bounty hunter in their life or to have a court date.

It's just it's what they do so I feel badly for him.

I mean I.

I didn't grow up like that.

Thankfully our defendant is associated with a blue, Mazda, 6 sedan I think she sleeps in it.

Actually there's a bed made up in the back of the sedan.

The problem with looking for someone who sleeps in a car is that their house moves.

If you want to be good at this job, you've got to be willing to just get kicked in the balls over and over and over.

You got to drive for hours, sit outside a motel and then drive home empty-handed.

No money, nothing but fast food wrappers.

On the ground and and a bondsman blowing you up about why you haven't caught their guy she'd ever resilient, you gotta be willing to learn.

You got to be humble, you gotta be willing to say you know what this dude he's.

Smart and I am today I'm coming back.

That's I! Think tanks, hello, hey Todd! What's up how big is the bond? Okay, so fairly fresh, that's good! Awesome! All right, I'm, psyched, hey! We she's got a new fall from Todd yeah, it's local uh, fifteen thousand dollar bond.

He just FPA.

He just wants us wrapped up fast, so it's kind of a bigger bond.

It's definitely difficult to be a woman in this industry, I'm treated differently from John and both of us notice that I do have to work harder in this job.

I have to work harder to be perceived as being as capable as I'm.

Let's go hope this.

What's this kid named Caleb Caleb I cannot go back big boy, big bond calum.

Why it's handwriting 1 so he's about 8! He is 5 foot 8, 145 pounds! No tattoos, no kids! That's it on the left! All right! Let's park further down here and come up at it, give your radio go the back door, quick! You get back there and a kid.

If you knock she'll, come to the door, I think: okay, I'm gonna go start hello, hello, hi! There we're looking for Caleb uh-huh.

Yes, he missed Court in White, County, yeah, absolutely uh! Let me let me call my partner and he'll come around here.

Okay, Hey Dolman he's here his stepmom is talking to me.

Can you trade places with me absolutely I'm, coming around the other side of building towards you, okay, ten-four, quick, okay, hey buddy, hello, hello, hello, okay, Kyle! Come in there, sir! Hey! Thank you.

What's your name, sir Oh Jason.

Thank you.

I'm John, thanks for letting me in sir I appreciate it how you doing hey he in his head he's in his room, get this over with yeah.

Thank you, sir I appreciate your help: hey Caleb, hey Caleb, my name's John I'm, going to take good care of you.

Okay boy.

It's not gonna, be any big deal.

Yeah your bond eligible there's, no other additional charges.

At this time, I'm gonna treat you right: okay, just open the door and we don't have to do anything crazy.

I'm gonna treat you with respect and like a man, okay, look out! Look at me inside you open the door for me.

Okay, now that he's gonna block the part yeah he's not gonna.

Try to hurt me everything like that.

Alright, hey, Caleb I, don't want to do this.

Man Academy gonna, break the door zone.

Let him in or think he's gonna break the door.

Okay, Stallman! Are you good hold on I had to breach the door hold tight to me, the most dangerous part is that's just her and I just Alex myself, there's no nine caught cars down the road, providing backup with a helicopter and a friendly da in case.

Something goes bad.

We are private citizens and doing a job of taking people to court against their will and anything goes.

That's that's the wild part.

Just anything can happen and no one's ever helpless.

Caleb Caleb! Is there a way to get he's right here? Hey Caleb, hey Caleb, come on out of what do you show me? Your hands show me your hands.

Put both your hands out in front of you walk out the closet.

What bolt put them out in front of you? Okay, I! Don't want this to go terrible step on over here, step on over and step on over there, okay step away from me put your hands on top of that put your hands on there.

I wanna treat you like a man.

Okay, are you cool with me? You got to answer me: okay, otherwise, I'm not gonna, be cool with you.

Are you gonna, be cool with me, we're negotiating some stuff in here, but I'm gonna come out with him he's being cool with me.

I'm gonna take good care of him.

Ten-Four bounty hunting is definitely a feast or famine kind of job.

We only get paid if we catch people and it can be really stressful.

There are times where we might catch five people in a week.

Floor closed five cases in a week, and then we might go two weeks without catching.

You know maybe more than two or three people but I paint the bail industry is going on.

There speak wheel, changes the United, States money, bail, for-profit, bail, I think will go away in the next four to five years.

We're also private investigators, I think when this job runs this course we switch over and do that we kind of switch conditions.

Go that way, I hope it lasts.

I sure like it, you know it's a good time.

It's it suits my skill set, but the end is coming.

The end is coming a little bit of a wild one, safe and sane all turned in paperwork's finished nice, quick, relatively quick grab and a good payday.

So we missed out on our other case for today, but we were happy to get one.

No complaints here, we'll be back at it tomorrow.

We've got to be in court in the morning on another case, so I think maybe go home happier and back at it tomorrow.

You you.


Bounty Hunting With My Boyfriend | TRULY? ›

Bounty hunters are typically independent contractors paid a commission of the total bail amount that is owed by the fugitive; they provide their own professional liability insurance and only get paid if they are able to find the "skip" and bring them in.

Who pays a bounty hunter? ›

Bounty hunters are typically independent contractors paid a commission of the total bail amount that is owed by the fugitive; they provide their own professional liability insurance and only get paid if they are able to find the "skip" and bring them in.

What do bounty hunters chase? ›

Bounty hunters are people who have the authority of bond agents to arrest delinquent clients and deliver them to the appropriate authorities. They are usually paid a percentage of the bond amount. But they get paid only if they apprehend and return the fugitives.

Do Blair and Myles break up? ›

After realising her love for Miles, she goes to his house and confesses her love to him and his whole family, only to realise that he had never even told his parents who she was. Devastated, she come to accept the break up and runs home.

Why do bounty hunters go after people? ›

If the person who the bail bondsman put the money up for decides to skip town, then it is the bail bondsman who loses his money. To prevent this, bounty hunters are hired by the bondsmen to catch the skippers and bring them to the proper authorities to avoid losing their bond to the government.

What states is bounty hunting illegal? ›

Some states, including California, have specific statutes in place that regulate the practice of bounty hunting, but do not require licensure for these professionals. Just 4 states – Oregon, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois – ban the practice of bounty hunting altogether.

Do you have to pay taxes on a bounty? ›

Income is taxable unless it can be offset by deductions and/or credits. If someone accepts a reward, it is reported on their Federal and California Income Tax Returns and the recipient must pay tax on whatever marginal tax bracket it might bump them into.

What do bounty hunters do in real life? ›

A bounty hunter works for bail bond agents to find and capture fugitives who have missed a court date, commonly referred to as skipping bail or jumping bail. Sometimes, a bail bond agent will also act as a bounty hunter when their clients skip court.

Do bounty hunters use guns? ›

Bounty hunters are permitted to carry guns where the law permits it, as this will help them carry out their functions more efficiently when they go searching for bail jumpers. In the United States, bounty hunters can work with firearms without the need for any other sort of license.

Can you fight back against a bounty hunter? ›

If you happen to be the absconder, it's best to do what the nice Bounty Hunters tell you to do because the law in most states are on the bounty hunter's side! Now if your a third party, you have the right to defend yourself just like any citizen.

Who did Blair lose her virginity to? ›

“Victor/Victrola,” Season 1, Episode 7

While he's there, Blair gets over her breakup with Nate by letting it all go on the burlesque stage–and Chuck's into it. Then Blair is very into Chuck being into it. So into it that she loses her virginity to him in the back of his limo.

Who gets Blair pregnant? ›

The show also explores romances between Blair and multiple male leads, resulting in occasional love triangles. In the fifth season, Blair is revealed to be pregnant with Prince of Monaco, Louis Grimaldi's child. However the child later dies before birth after a car crash Blair and Chuck were in.

Who does Blair nearly marry? ›

Overview. Blair and Louis meet in Paris and go on a few dates before Blair returns to New York. Louis eventually goes to find her, and the two become engaged.

What kind of people do bounty hunters go after? ›

Bounty hunters, also known as fugitive recovery agents or bail enforcement agents, are responsible for the capture and return of individuals that have failed to appear for their appointed day in court—at which point these individuals are considered fugitives.

How long will bounty hunters search for you? ›

How Long Do Bounty Hunters Look For You? Bounty hunters will search for you anywhere from 1-6 months, sometimes longer.

How are bounties paid? ›

Bounty hunters, also known as bail enforcement agents, are typically paid a percentage of the bond amount for any fugitive they apprehend. The specific rate can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the agreement terms between the bounty hunter and the bail bondsman who hired them.

Are bounty hunters hired by the government? ›

Bounty hunters are private citizens who aid the criminal justice system, working to pursue and apprehend fugitives who have skipped bail or failed to appear for court proceedings. Most bounty hunters operate as independent contractors, typically taking assignments from bail bond agencies.

Who sends bounty hunters? ›

If you are out on bail and decide to skip the trial and flee, the bail bond company will most likely send a bounty hunter after you.

How much does a bounty hunter make on a million dollar bond? ›

The bounty hunter is usually paid 10-20% for successfully returning the fugitive. So, in the case of a $100,000 bail, returning the fugitive would net a $10,000-$20,000 payday.

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