Baby Carriers Suitable for 1 Year Old (2023)

Posted: November 15, 2021

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Baby Carriers Suitable for 1 Year Old (1)

Which baby carrier is best for a 1 year old? Which carrier should I choose for a 1 year old? Ultimately, the best carrier for you is one that your little one and you both find comfortable.

Choose a sling that you like - you're far more likely to use a sling or carrier that you love the look of. Whether it's a certain style, colour or pattern, choose the one you really love!

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1 year olds vary considerably - some are fairly mobile, on two feet some of the time. Others are not mobile at all and are content to engage with their world in other ways. No matter what stage your little one is at, and whether you're hanging out at home, or travelling with your family, they need mobility and connection and the easiest way to achieve both is with a baby carrier!

Here, we’ll guide you through the very best baby carriers suitable for a 1 year old. We stock an unparalleled selection of carriers, and we know them all; how they work, and what ‘real-life’ age range they suit.

We’re going to look at carriers that work for:

  • 1-2 year olds,
  • 1-3 year olds,
  • 1-4/5 year olds.

Baby Carriers Suitable for 1-2 Year Olds

Tula Free To Grow

As you welcome your baby to the world, the Tula Free To Grow baby carrier seamlessly adjusts and lets you hold them close from the very beginning. With the Tula Free-To-Grow Carrier you can comfortably carry your baby from newborn to toddlerhood (7 - 45 lbs). You can enjoy multiple ergonomic carry positions with an adaptable panel that adjusts in width and height to fit your baby at any stage, and fully adjustable shoulder straps and waistband for optimal comfort for you.

The Free To Grow comes in a wide range of prints and designs so you're sure to find a design you really love.

Love & Carry ONE+

We are really impressed with this carrier. The One+ ticks all the boxes we expect and want from a good buckle carrier - the quality is outstanding, it’s well-designed and with thought; the fabrics are gorgeous; and it’s super comfy for baby and you. We love the thoughtful touches such the lower buckle attachment for young babies. Fastening the shoulder strap webbing lower down means that there is no webbing or buckles touching baby - they are surrounded by the soft cotton fabric only. The buckles can be tucked away and webbing rolled up neatly so it’s easier to fasten and use.

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Didymos Meh Dai

The Didy Meh Dai - it's a meh dai-style carrier, and a very special one. It's made from Didymos woven wrap fabrics. The quality is outstanding, the designs beautiful, they are ethically woven always using organic cotton. As there is no padding it is perfectly suited for carrying newborns as it snugs their shape, and works equally well for older babies and toddlers on the front or back.

A great option for newborns & toddlers, the woven wrap fabric snugs the baby's shape, adjusting as they grow.

Baby Carriers Suitable for 1-3 Year Olds

Love & Carry AIR X

A superb buckle carrier with extra lumbar-support, the Air X is fully adjustable and will grow with your little one from 4 months to 3 years thanks to the width-adjustable body panel. Comes with an integrated neck support, sleephood and a large, detachable zip pouch. The AIR X has has a roll away and mesh panel to help keep you cool in warmer weather. We love the 3 position setting for adjusting the carrier as your baby gets bigger, and we love the storage pouch too! Handy for keeping all your bits and bobs in when you're out and about.

The shoulder straps on the AIR X can be crossed to add extra support and comfort when carrying.

Little Frog Toddler Carrier

Little Frog make toddler carriers from their woven wrap fabrics. This means their carriers are super comfortable, soft and supportive - great for carrying toddlers. They come in a range of designs and because they are made from wrap fabric they are simply stunning! The soft contoured panel ensures your toddler is carried in their natural ergonomic close-enough-to-kiss position with their knees slightly higher than their bottom.

The crossable shoulder straps can be adjusted 3 ways to ensure a great comfortable fit for both you and your toddler, ensuring both of you are as comfortable as possible. Customers love how easy it is to use and how comfortable it is.

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Didymos Didyklick

The Didymos Didyklick combines the comfort, support and mouldability of a woven wrap with the simplicity and practicality of a buckle carrier. It's easily adjustable - the padded waist belt is secured with a clip-buckle (just like a regular buckle carrier) ensuring support around the waist. The large, adjustable body panel made of wrap fabric creates a soft pouch offering a safe place for your little one. For newborns it provides a snug cocoon which is easily adjustable to their size. The wide shoulder straps can be tied in a variety of ways to mould around your shoulders allowing a high degree of adjustability and support for all shapes and sizes. Plus it's made from organic cotton and is suitable for newborn. Perfect!

Use the wide shoulder straps to extend the seat width for toddlers.

Baby Carriers Suitable for 1-4/5 Year Olds

KIBI Carrier

The Kibi Carrier IN is an awesome buckle carrier for babies from 4 months to 4 years! You’re thinking ‘no way!’, right? This is a real world size guide, and it really does work. The Kibi has a hardcore dedicated fan base, and for good reason.

It's true to say that I love a clever carrier and the Kibi Carrier is not only super-clever in its design, it totally works too. The Kibi is suitable from around 4 months to 4 years, so it’s the perfect carrier to upgrade to, once your little one has outgrown their stretchy wrap. Choose from the classic cotton collection, or the new wrap conversion style. All of our stock is the new, updated Kibi ‘In’

Isara The ONE

The Isara The One is a truly singular carrier that is so ingeniously designed it is suitable from newborn right through to preschool, and fits all parents, too. Completely and fully adjustable, it enables the wearer to adjust the height and length to fit a newborn snug and safe, and as little one grows, the carrier can be adjusted in order to fit all shapes and sizes to toddlers and even preschoolers. Transitioning from newborn to preschooler is done in just one step. We're often asked to suggest a carrier which will work for a newborn up to preschool, which we've always described this as a bit of a unicorn. Until now though; the Isara The One Carrier actually does this, and it does it really well. The superb design really does fit snug and safe from newborn and yup, you really can carry a 4 year old in it too. Even better, it's now available in organic cotton twill (prints & plain) which makes the price absolutely fantastic.

Make sure you tuck baby's pelvis forward so that their bottom fills the base of the carrier, helping to ensure great positioning at any age.

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So there you have it - our best baby carriers suitable for a 1 year old. Remember, choose a carrier that you like - you're far more likely to use a sling or carrier that you love the look of. Whether it's a certain style, colour or pattern, choose the one you really love! If you'd like more detailed advice, or you have a specific query, just ask. We love helping families to both start and continue their babywearing journeys!


Can you put a 1 year old in a baby carrier? ›

As long as baby and baby-wearer are comfortable, then yes, you can put an 18-month old in a baby carrier! At 18 months, most toddlers can't wait to explore the world. But with all of the excitement… can come a lot of exhaustion — for both your toddler, and you!

Which baby carrier is best for 1 year old? ›

A 1-year-old will likely enjoy being carried in a soft structured carrier, ideally riding on their caregiver's back. The Ergobaby Omni Breeze is my pick for carrying an older baby or toddler during shorter hikes or neighborhood walks.

What age baby carrier can be used? ›

You can start using a baby carrier from day one.

It's important for babies to maintain a close connection with mom and dad right from the start.

Can I use a baby carrier for my 2 year old? ›

Aficionados know, babywearing is NOT just for babies. There are so many reasons to continue using baby carriers once a child can walk and many carriers that can comfortably accommodate a toddler or preschooler. Some people don't realize though that wearing toddlers is an option until their kids actually reach that age.

Can you use a sling for a 1 year old? ›

There's a lot of fabric, which means it can be used with babies, twins and toddlers up to around 3 years old. “I love that I'm able to fit my newborn twins in this sling, as well as my chunky toddler,” says home tester Amy, mum of 3 (although, not all 3 at the same time!).

What is the weight limit for a baby carrier? ›

The “standard” weight limits for Baby Carriers are 7-35lbs/3-16kgs, or 7-45lbs/3-20kgs. Most people assume that this means the carrier fits babies from 7-35lbs or 3-16kgs.

How long can a child stay in an infant carrier? ›

When choosing a seat for your newborn, there are two paths you can choose from: either to use an infant carrier from approx. 0-1 year, followed by a toddler seat until approx. 4 years; or to use a 2-in-1 seat from 0 to approx. 4 years.

When should I switch my baby to a back carrier? ›

Beginning around 6 months (min 17.2 lbs), when baby can sit on their own, baby can be carried in the back carry. They can also be carried with just the hip seat in parent facing, outward facing and hip.

Which is best baby carrier? ›

Best Overall: Ergobaby Omni 360

If you're looking for one baby carrier to do it all, the Ergobaby Omni 360 should be your top pick. Made of durable and breathable mesh with extra padding on the shoulders, the carrier is safe for babies from 7 pounds up to 45 pounds, so it'll likely be the only carrier you need.

How do I pack my 1 year old for a flight? ›

The Essential Packing Checklist for Flying with an Infant
  1. Diapers: In your carry-on, you'll need one for each hour of transit, plus extras. ...
  2. Diaper cream.
  3. Changing pad.
  4. Baby wipes for diaper changes and messes.
  5. Sanitizing wipes for cleaning tray tables and other surfaces.
  6. Plastic bags for wet or dirty clothes and diapers.
Jan 9, 2019

How do you carry an 18 month old? ›

Hold them close to you, at the front of your body.

The easiest way to carry a toddler is at the front of your body, with their weight resting on your chest and arms. Keep your arms around their back and under their backside.


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