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Stuff that may or may not be about Ronni Ancona

The Sketch Show
Lots of pics, and info on The Sketch Show

Wikipedia on Ronni
The best encylopedia in the world

BBC Comedy Guide
The excellent BBC comedy guide's database of Ronni's work

Ronni "facts" from irritating twat Patrick Keielty's factfile

What Google has got on Ronni

Ronni on TvTome
Ronni's entry on TvTome

MadPad's celeb site

Jon's Celeb World
More celebs
Another excellent celeb site!
Hey come on - a minor plug

TV Go Home
Really funny

Alan Partridge
Link takes you beyond the bastard Flash intro.
Alan Partridge. Steve Coogan's alter ego. Steve Coogan is a very clever man. One of the many examples of his cleverness was suporting Ronni's Sketch Show. Whether he was hiring her for 'hormonal' reasons or because he recognised her talent doesn't matter. At least someone sussed it. Any videos by Steve Coogan are worth buying. Really. They are the best tapes for after-pub repeat viewing in the world.

Some Spiel
Some old bollocks about the BBC acting like twats.

Me me me!